Customer Support Chatbot for Conifers Garden

Customer Support Chatbot for Conifers Garden

AI-Powered chatbot solution to reduce customer support queries.


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Web Chatbot




  • Data base requests for shipping informations

  • Categorized Knowledge Base Question - Answer

  • Free conversation with Chatgpt

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Project Description

Conifers Garden is the go-to online store specializing in a wide range of rare and exotic conifers. To enhance customer experience and streamline support, we developed an AI-powered chatbot, designed to efficiently handle inquiries regarding shipping details to different destinations and planting informations, significantly reducing the volume of questions directed to the customer support team. We also made it possible to talk to chatgpt just like one would on the official app.


Phase 1: Building a Comprehensive Knowledge Base

To ensure our chatbot could provide accurate and relevant information, we began by gathering and organizing a vast collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their corresponding answers. We also compiled additional information that the client deemed essential for the chatbot's knowledge base.

This knowledge base was meticulously structured to enable the chatbot to efficiently retrieve the appropriate information when a user inquires about topics like planting a conifer. By categorizing the documents, we minimized the possibility of providing inaccurate or incomplete information.

Phase 2: Establishing an Efficient Shipping Information Database

To provide accurate shipping information, we created an Airtable database. This database stores details about shipping times and fees for various destinations, categorized into different zones. By organizing the information in this structured manner, we can consistently deliver precise shipping information to users.

To further enhance the chatbot's understanding of user requests, we utilized ChatGPT's capabilities to extract country names mentioned in user responses.


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